PAINTING  I have painted, drawn, and been a creative, as long as I can remember. It is one of the most important ways that I find to express myself to the world around me.  At first I only showed my paintings.  But as time has gone on, and as I age, I realize that creating, and creativity are one of the most important things in life.  I’ve found that most creative people, are creative in different areas.  They may have a focus area, but usually their creativity flows over into other areas of their life.  I am one of those people.

I paint in oils and pastels, and sometimes delve into other mediums, just to play.  I play with colors, and light, and how those things change the way I see things around me.  I want the feeling of a place, or object, to be the most important thing you see when looking at one of my paintings.

BRIARWOOD BAGS  I make bags.  I love the process of making unusual bags, especially for people that I know will truly apprectiate them.  I try to make Bags with a purpose, that are also useful and lovely.  Leather, waxed canvas, fabric, the occaisional vinyl, cork, I have used all of them.  My bag business is called Briarwood Bags, as the farm that we live on, in theShenandoah Valley of Virginia, is called Briarwood Farm.

MUSIC   I love playing music with other people, and having the interaction of the music, the instruments, our voices, and friendships, to create something wonderful.  Countryside Garage Band is the group I have been playing with for 10+ years, and are a super group of people.

WRITING  I write.  It is something I do because I love it, but also because there are stories in my head, that I want to play with on paper.  Well, actually in this day and age, it’s more playing with them on the computer, but you get it.  Who knows if I will ever finish my book, but it is another way that I connect to the muse.